Pressure monitor with high quality

Our monitor can read your pressure anywhere and anytime due to its small size and portable storage. It is a perfect device for home use.

The monitor with measurement memory can store the past 99 readings so that you can compare the data. It is pretty simple for you to put our monitor on your wrist and makes you feel comfortable without being hurt. The accurate reading makes the data of your pressure much reliable. Quick and accurate measurement of pressure and pulse. Ideal for the daily monitoring of pressure. Selectable between mmHg and kpa.


Large storage capacity

The device can store upto 60 past bp readings and help you keep a track of your pressure history. You can easily compare the previous readings and even use these to consult specialist.

Truly light weight and portable

The device is feather light in weight and you can easily carry it along to monitor your pressure anywhere anytime. Fits in a small place, this is a travel friendly bp monitor, ideal for your everyday usage as well.

Lightning fast

The measuring during inflation method (mdi) and the newest technology make this digital automatic pressure monitor lightning fast, no discomfort and highly accurate.

Intelligently designed to offer ease of use and accurate readings

Osing pressure monitor is the most precise electronic monitoring device for home use. It displays exact pressure reports on its large lcd screen in just 30 seconds!

Price: $ 34

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  • It is easy to use and is very accurate.
  • It can keep track of up to 60 readings each for 2 poeple with an average of the last 3 results.
  • It has a clear large LCD display so it is easy to read.
  • Can be used before or following bathing.
  • It powers off automatically.
  • It has an irregular beat indicator as well as a low battery indicator.
  • 2 AAA batteries are included.
  • Extra-large cuff fits large arms.
  • Three alarms.
  • Irregular beat detection.

Accurate and reliable

Osing pressure monitor use advanced "Intelligent" and biotechnology to provide you with high-precision and low pressures as well as rate readings. A home pressure monitor developed through professional experience.

With the measurement memory, at least 120 readings including data and time will be stored. It is rather great for pressure tracking. Switch between 2 users to store measurements separately if sharing with a spouse or loved one. You can press the ON/OFF button and our automatic pressure monitor will give you the clear and accurate data in just 30 seconds. Our monitor is pretty comfortable for you to wear and simply for you to operate. If one or more of your elder family members have high pressure, that monitor will be an awesome gift. Characterized by large and bright backlight LCD screen, all measurements will be clearly shown on the same screen. The voice broadcast supports the voice reading and makes the measurement much easier.